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Caroline Meer photographed by Peter Meer

The earliest photos I remember taking are from a family holiday in Cornwall at the age of about 10, when I was more interested in recording the views and our surroundings than any of us. This habit has stayed with me and I most enjoy capturing landscapes, detail and atmosphere in my pictures. I owe a lot to my dad, Peter Meer, who worked as a stills photographer in advertising before his retirement.

I have always loved the idea that “the camera never lies”, which sadly is no longer true: you certainly can’t believe what you see any more. I am still fascinated by my dad working with film; he had no way to check what shots were like before being processed and didn’t have computer software to easily correct anything. I remember seeing one of his colleagues retouching a print by hand with a small paintbrush. The thought of these now uncommon skills has stayed with me and I like to photograph things as I see them. Everything on this website is a reflection of how I see the world. Nothing has filters or corrections (except for the occasional straightening of a horizon perhaps!)

Professionally, I work as a freelance Stage Manager. “Meerly Photos” came into being in 2021 when theatres were closed during lockdown. Taking my camera on daily walks provided a creative outlet and I thought it would be fun to get some of my photos printed as cards to send to friends. People started asking me for some to send on themselves, and the idea of an online shop came along soon after.

Writing to people in person – much like non-digital photography – seems to be a dying art and it’s one I’m keen to keep. Thanks for visiting and I hope you might like to support my efforts by sending on some cards or buying a print.